Puget Sound

New Partnerships Toward A Sustainable Future

We have great enthusiasm that further gains toward a cleaner Puget Sound can be realized. We believe advances will be accomplished through focused, strategic and collaborative work, and the Foundation is committed to applying its grant resources toward these ends.

Our commitment to clean water for Puget Sound is advanced through funding a network of nonprofit organizations that work together to engage local governments, residents and private property owners in Puget Sound recovery. This coordinated, collaborative approach increases the odds of success for important policy and advocacy initiatives.

Over the past 17 years, we've invested in over 800 grants toward environmental restoration and protection for a total of $41 million.

Since 2015, our funding has been focused on partner efforts between organizations that pursue systemic-and-measurable change by influencing government agencies, private property owners, and local residents. We make grants by invitation only; however, we also strive to keep abreast of emerging opportunities that may be a close fit with our interests. If you have an idea you believe is worthy of invitation or questions about the grantmaking process, please send an email with your concept to TRFF’s Grants and Operations Manager Linsey Sauer at linsey@trff.org.