Our Children, Our Future

Our organizational and community partners are at the core of helping us accomplish our environmental education mission. 

We support organizations that provide opportunities for outdoor environmental education experiences throughout Puget Sound. These organizations deliver outdoor experiential learning to students in 5th through 12th grade who live in urbanized areas.

Strong Connections

We believe in building the human connection between local, urban environments and healthy Puget Sound waters. The core elements that help us prioritize our environmental education (EE) investments are: 

  • Providing grants that support experiential EE with a strong local context;
  • Supporting a continuum of EE experiences;
  • Supporting leadership development opportunities that tie together environmental education;
  • Continuing to look for opportunities to support teacher learning and development; 
  • Convening EE grantees for discussion, collaboration and learning.

Supporting outdoor experiential programs for urban youth is at the heart of our work.
Over 13 years, TRFF has awarded 353 grants totaling over $10.5 million to environmental education.

A Focus on Learning in Puget Sound

As a learning organization that supports other learning organizations, we continue to make refinements to our work. With an intent on having a higher impact in our community and the environment, we've decided to focus our investments in four geographic areas -- King, Kitsap, Thurston and Pierce counties -- for more intentional grantmaking. In 2015, we will continue to support regional organizations while developing new evaluation tools to help us measure the impact of environmental education on youth and their families.

Additionally, as part of the Puyallup Watershed Initiative (PWI), TRFF supports the collective impact approach of the 40+ organizations involved with the PWI's Environmental Education Community of Interest.

Applying for Support

We encourage you to apply for support if your organization achieves the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced engagement through outdoor experiential learning opportunities;
  • Increased environmental literacy;
  • Changes in behavior to reduce impact on Puget Sound;
  • Community stewardship and ownership of local environments.


For more information about our Environmental Education program, please contact Program Officer Fabiola Greenawalt at fabiola@trff.org or 253-857-1660.