Our Shared Home

The Russell Family Foundation seeks to contribute to a sustainable and peaceful world for people, places and communities. It serves as a community partner for grassroots leaders living and working in Pierce County; nonprofits and individuals focused on environmental stewardship in the Puget Sound region; and groups promoting peace and security around the world.

Created with the belief that trust and relationships matter, The Russell Family Foundation supports its grantees and partners with lifelong learning to help advance stronger collaborations; overcome social and environmental challenges; and promote meaningful and lasting change that benefits everyone.

Since it was established in 1999, The Russell Family Foundation has made approximately $130M in grants, supporting more than 675 community groups and individuals.

Learn more about how The Russell Family Foundation:

Expands opportunity for the people of our region

  • Jane's Fellowship, which supports grassroots leaders in Pierce County and Jane's Fund, focused on education and supporting homeless youth and their families.

Encourages community stewardship of our local environment through place-based programming

  • Puget Sound portfolio, with more than 800 grants totaling $41 million over a 17-year period aimed at the protection and restoration of the Puget Sound region.
  • Environmental Education that has awarded more than 400 grants totaling approximately $12 million supporting outdoor environmental education opportunities for youth in King, Pierce, Kitsap and Thurston counties.
  • Puyallup Watershed Initiative, a place-based effort the Foundation helped to launch, leverages a new model for community-centered change by bringing together hundreds of leaders and nonprofit organizations, 17 cities and more to improve the health of the watershed and its six focus areas.

Strengthens communities with mission-based investing

  • Impact Investing efforts and innovative finance programs that are mission-driven to generate a sustainable social or environmental impact.

Puget Sound Region
Our Values
We value families as unique communities of individuals.
We value integrity in an environment of mutual trust and respect.
We value honest and constructive communications.
We believe in life-long learning.
We accept our responsibilities as humble stewards.
We value courage in our programs and we are satisfied with quiet impact.


Investing resources and relationships in grassroots leaders, environmental sustainability, and global peace.


In 1999, the Russell family sold Frank Russell Company to Northwestern Mutual Life. The company was renamed the Russell Investment Group. Jane and George Russell then created The Russell Family Foundation with part of the sale proceeds, providing a way for their extended family to make a quiet, positive impact in the community. The Russell Family Foundation values integrity, mutual trust, constructive communication, life-long learning, and courage. We seek to demonstrate these values in all of our activities.